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IT Sales Professional

A sales position may teach you excellent techniques for networking in many areas, maintaining commercial connections, and creating a strong reputation. Salespeople learn to search out leads in every scenario, allowing them to form long-lasting relationships with a wide range of people.

You may already have a business or are considering establishing one, and you have all the necessary technical abilities and expertise, but selling your product is the most crucial aspect, or you may just be seeking for a sales position and want more training.


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Agile Customer Experience Design

You love technologies, are motivated and enjoy solving technical or non-technical problems, and are concerned about how people perceive digital products such as websites or other digital products?

Agile User Experience Design program is part of the continuous improvement process, always seeking to better understand users and select and design the features and product that best match their needs, solve their pain points, and bring them meaningful innovation.

The present market shows that hiring for "UX/UI" usually results in a wonderful artist with no UX experience, competence, technique, or education.  We hope to improve on this and return the UX focus to the UX role with the appropriate skill set and knowledge. It is shown that firms must embrace designs holistically and early in the process, rather than viewing it as a minor tool that may be incorporated later.” Teams that believe that paying attention to user experience may be limited, excluded, or done after the product has been released are misinformed.

This program will help you walk the walk by integrating UX as a UX practitioners and processes from planning and portfolio down through development and quality assurance rather then having to worry about being a perfectionist in the artwork for digital products.

In agile software development, the user experience (UX) role is crucial. The UX designers are retained from the beginning to the end of the project for quality testing through design and communication, and this process is repeated until the clients are satisfied.

You may want a change in career, upgrade or learn other techniques in an agile environment?


JOIN US TODAY and learn how to design a new and improved user experience for digital products, which is becoming increasingly important for the world as we transition to online platforms due to COVID-19 disruptions.

Agile Product Management
in Information Technology

We are taking the creative technologies approach to agile product development.

This course prepares you to manage a digital product or project, as well as people and organizations, by using techniques to overcome software development challenges onsite and in distributed teams online, working through some complexities in IT while tailoring traditional and agile methods to software development. You will be guided from the planning stage of a digital product through executing, monitoring, controlling, closing a project, and maintaining a project.


This training not only prepares project or product managers, but also other specializations to work in a self-organized team where designers or developers may also participate in the planning to closure stage without feeling obligated to work in one area. This course ultimately prepares learners for business ownership. This content needs extensive research work in order to initiate a product before beginning product planning, which will be addressed in this course.

In this course, you will be trained to manage stakeholder, requirements, designs, procurement, risks, communications, recourses, quality, cost, schedule, integration, working methods and teams. All this is contributed towards great leadership skills.
Companies are constantly hunting for candidates with managerial abilities in the hopes of being able to self-organize.


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