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Covid had the greatest impact on businesses and their ways of working across all sectors, our community and their perceptions of their surroundings, and how existing technology has become a barrier to how we can change and grow as a whole. Innovantage strives to overcome covid limitations for the greater good, taking an ethical design approach to our work.

Ethical design resists manipulative patterns, protects data privacy, promotes co-design, and is accessible and human-centered. There is currently no universally accepted framework.

Innovantage covers services such as Digital Project Management for startups to help them get quicker wins using agile approaches, Website design and improvements for businesses to reevaluate, improve, and grow, and product development for both our clients and in-house to reduce the impact of the covid-19 pandemic in our community.

While we speak of digital projects, we work cross sectors, implementing services and solutions to cater to our clients.

Innovantage has unlocked expertise in web and app development, virtual reality & IoT development.

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