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Website Designs

Increase customer loyalty and retention: is there a decrease for either on my website?


My customers are not interacting with your business through your website because its user experience might be outdated.  


Is it time to reevaluate my website to discover a better solution?


I want a website for my business.


I’m not sure of the layout of the website.


Customer(User/buyer) experience: we understand that our customers can either be buyers or users. We work accordingly.

I need to reassess/diagnose/ my business process, website process or working process because:

  • There is a drop in customer retention and/or loyalty

  • Customers or employees are finding difficulties navigating through website, or at workplace

Virtual walk-through of house floor plans: Digital Customer Experience
Consultation & Design

Are you in the process of building your dream home and you want to get a sense of what your house when built would look and feel like? 

This service may also help you reiterate your house plan and also decide on the type of material for your home.

*Method of delivery:

-If onsite: Get a walk through of your plan in 3D using the virtual reality headset.

-If not in the same area/zone: Get a recording of the walk though & photos. 

Digital Project Management for

I have a project in mind and not sure how to manage the project or people.


I’ve kicked off a project and I need another hand managing the digital side of things.


I want to use agile approach to build a digital product for your company so that the organization, people, product and process and services are well aligned.


I want a SAFe certified product development and management group to work on my project for my industry? (We work for any industry for digital products even if it is an IoT project.)


I need an agile project manager for my project. (We tailor traditional and agile ways of working in projects)


I need a consultant to realign project/product/program/process management in my organization.

Business Analysis For Digital Products

I'd want to examine the functionality of my digital business and build a new and enhanced approach that is geared to the unpredictability of Covid-19 interruptions.

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