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Our Team.

We are on a mission to make innovation simpler for the small and medium-sized enterprises to help tackle their issues and challenges through digital solutions. In other words, we use digital technology to transform concerns and obstacles into benefits through a digital gamified experience for SME's.

We take the holistic approach – designed for ethical impact!

The intention is to bridge education, management, and technology.

We are research-based design driven!

We support innovation.

We create jobs.

We enhance the understanding in technological startups.

We help you build a bridge between you and your customers!

Behind this main objective, we have a group of stakeholders, including representatives from various industries, university co-op students, and the ICL team, who are driving this change to improve post-Covid ways-of-working, with the secondary goal of creating jobs across New Zealand and Australia in the field of emerging technologies to support Healthcare, Construction, Finance/Insurance, Agriculture, Architecture, Hospitality, Tourism, Education and Retails and other industries.

What projects we consider and why?


These projects are ultimately digital solutions like websites, mobile applications and IoT projects which requires students to work in areas like:  Research + Consultancy, Business Analysis, Human Resource Management, Facilitation, UI/UX/CX Design, Development (Trending language), Maintance, Security, Cloud, Product/Project/Board management, Sales, Marketing etc to get each of these digital products to the market. These products will be student-driven, internal team members & industry leads, with input from external stakeholders to bridge education, management, and technology.


Based on the research, there is a huge difference between what students learn at institutions and what employment industries have to offer vs what tools, technology, and processes they put in place for everyone to follow, which calls into question the ethics of working methods.


Ultimately, students for all of these projects will be working in a start-up setting with many complexities and defined benefits. Students will address these challenges as part of their character development towards problem-solving and analytical thinking. According to a systematic literature review undertaken in the field of IT Project Management, the reasons for building a startup culture on several occasions are due to a lack of research and knowledge in startups. ICL aims to examine and communicate startup insights to students to increase their motivation to innovate.

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