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Innovantage covers services such as Digital Project Management for startups to help them get quicker wins using agile approaches, Website design and improvements for businesses to reevaluate, improve, and grow, and product development for both our clients and in-house to reduce the impact of the covid-19 pandemic in our community.

Website Designs

Virtual walk-through of house floor plans
(In 3D space)


IT Project Management for

 Digital Product Developmenet


"Sushmita developed our business website and nailed all the info in stages with consultation and keeping in loop. She has done the great job. Website looks amazing. Looking forward for next hit for the business and hopefully her hard work and my input will reap results for us. Thank you team. All the best for next projects."
Avneet Sharma | Admin of Lucky Muscle Master in Australia


Digital Project Development 

The Digital Project Management course is designed to cater to the changing nature of digital project requirements, business needs, and working methods. These modifications have an impact on the roles and practices that an IT Project Manager can inherit in digital projects.
This course was taught on-site, with real-world experience provided, but due to the nature of Covid, it is now available on Udemy, tailoring both tutoring and training to meet everyone's needs.


“The Design Thinking approach was well structured, and resources were made available from the beginning when the contents (PPT) were being delivered. It was very clear what was expected of the outcome for the app. This had given me an insight on how to develop my app in a sense that if I were the end-user/client that this is what I'd want to see happen in the app or what I wanted the app to do if I clicked on this button, which meant, the ultimate goal was to turn the client's concept into a robust app. My aim was to make it possible, but better."
Kika Kalolo | 2nd year AUT ITPM student | Up for a change in career
"I'd like to thank you for your help and guidance you provided. It has definitely helped me expand my skills."
Anuk Silva | AUT student moving into real-world IT project  |  Tel: +64 212582655

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